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Swords Into Plowshares

Reflections from the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations

South Africa: Connecting Pain

Joy Gaska, Guest Author A question I struggled with last night was: “How has your pain connected with the pain you have witnessed”. As I reflect on that question what I struggle with is the world that I was born…

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South Africa: Possibilities for Ministry

How can we support the sisters and brothers in Christ, the programs, and the churches that we have met? How can we encourage Presbyterians individually and collectively to engage in ministries that respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic? These are questions…

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South Africa: That They Will Have Strength

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa (EPCSA), formerly known as the Tsonga Presbyterian Church, resulted from work of the Swiss Mission in South Africa that began in the Northern Transvaal in 1875. Today the Rev. Esther Maringa serves as…

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South Africa: The Prodigal Joins Us

On Wednesday we made our way to the Cape Town Airport for our flight to Johannesburg. There we were joined by the final member of our party to reach South Africa: Amanda Craft’s backpack. The backpack had quite the adventure;…

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South Africa: Rainbow School

It started in a building built of shipping containers. Today, the children of the Rainbow School after-school study programme fill the rooms of JL Zwane Presbyterian Church and Centre. They gather around teachers for two hours of tutoring. Children come…

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South Africa: Siyaya

In an explosion of sound, color and movement, Siyaya (“We Are Moving”) proclaims a message intended to “capture hearts, broaden minds, build bridges, and inspire hope and vision.” Siyaya is an HIV/AIDS educational ministry affiliated with JL Zwane Presbyterian Church…

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South Africa: He Did Not Like to Let Go

He liked to be high. And he did not like to let go. We visited a community-based orphanage for 15 children. JL Zwane Presbyterian Church supports the orphanage which is run by one woman and her daughter with help from…

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South Africa: JL Zwane Presbyterian Church and Centre

Our visit to the Guguletu Township on Tuesday, February 26, was coordinated by the JL Zwane Presbyterian Church and Centre. The Rev. Edwin Louw, Associate Pastor, Ms. Yvonne Daki, and Mama Nomazizi provided an introducation to the hope-filled, hope-instilling ministries…

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