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Taiwan: Taiwan Theological College and Seminary

The travelers visit included a trip to Taiwan Theological College and Seminary. Moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow receives a communion set from the seminary. Presenting the gift is the Rev. Andrew Tsai, Vice Principal for Administration. Photo by Nancy Eng MacNeill. The…

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Taiwan: Two Countries, Two Islands

Traveling with the Moderator By Nancy Eng MacNeill Arriving into Taipei was an immediate shift in culture: walking through the airport, seeing familiar signs and billboards with unfamiliar writing. Language and body posture changed as you are greeted with each…

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Traveling with the Moderator

Moderator Bruce-Reyes Chow is on his way to Asia. His travels will take him to the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Nancy Eng MacNeill from the Peacemaking Program staff will travel with Bruce and his family as will David Hudson…

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