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Take a number

Voters in the Philippines obtained priority numbers to vote. Each voting site had 10 secrecy folder per automated voting machines (PCOS). Ten voters at a time would be let into the voting room to fill in their ballots. The priority…

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PCOS voting machines

A PCOS voting machine is intialized in Cantugas, Mainit, Surigao del Norte, Mindanao Automated voting machines (PCOS) were chosen to reduce the possibilities of fraud and provide secrecy for the voters and the voting process. The PCOS machines, created by…

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The 11th hour shower

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program staff member Nancy Eng MacNeill writes: Election history in the Philippines has been fraught with fraud and corruption from before the time of Marcos to the current Arroyo regime. As a result, arriving in Manila for the…

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