Be a HeforShe? Say NO to Violence against Women on 25 April, Orange Day!

On 25 April, #OrangeDay, the UNiTE campaign is joining forces with the #HeforShe campaign and calling on men and boys everywhere to say NO to violence against women and girls.
We believe that the road towards a world free of violence against women requires transforming men’s and women’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Men and boys have a responsibility and a role to play in speaking out against violence against women and girls. So reach out to the men and boys in your life, and ask them to wear orange and take action with you on Orange Day! Get the Orange Day action plan!
Here are seven ways that men and boys can take action:
  • Become a #HeForShe! Commit to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls and invite your friends to join you:
  • Be informed! Learn about violence against women and girls.
  • Support local women’s programmes! Find out what organizations are working in your area and offer your support. 
  • Be a role model. Mentor a boy and teach him that being a man means respecting women and girls.
  • Use your voice to say it loud and clear: violence against women and girls is not in my name and I’m man enough to stand up and be counted! Download the Orange Day action plan and use the sample social media messages.
  • Start a conversation. Host a discussion in your school, workplace, sports club or university.
  • Ask how you can help, or seek help if you suspect abuse or violence may be taking place. If you are abusing others, stop and seek medical help IMMEDIATELY. 
Be a #HeforShe, say NO to violence against women and girls!

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