Rev. Helivao Poget: International Peacemaker available to visit your Presbytery this Fall!

Helivao Poget is still available between September 27 and October 13

Rev. Helivao Poget leads the Federation of Protestant Churches in Madagascar (FFPM), serving in down town Antananarivo, the capitol city. Here she works as a chaplain among street people – prostitutes, drug addicts, street kids, street families – sharing the Gospel and helping them spiritually and financially to move away from steet life.  Helivao writes, “it is hard work with a lot of risks and violence, but it brings me happiness because I can offer God’s protection and love for everyone.  It is always an opportunity to share in real life, bringing hope not only to the street people but mainly for me. I share and receive at the same time. I feel the reality that we are all God’s beloved children.”   

Helivao also teaches missiology at their theological institution, sharing her experiences and knowledge with the students, helping them explore ways to address social problems such as poverty, violence, prostitution and life on the street.

Invite Helivao to your Presbytery by submitting your request here.

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