Status of Women

Status of Women

Amanda Craft, Presbyterian Mission Co-worker in Guatemala, reflects on the realities of women in Guatemala, their need for allies, their hope for transformation, the Commission on the Status of Women, and a vision for the future:

Maybe one day it won’t be that girls are kept from school when income is too limited.  Maybe one day girls will be
allowed to dream of whom they will become when they grow up.  Maybe one
day they won’t be seen as property to be sold, bartered or traded.
 Maybe one day I won’t hear completely capable Guatemalan women tell me
they aren’t able to do something, only repeating what they’ve been told.
 And maybe one day women will be seen as equals, participating fully in
family, church, and state.  And if that were true, that they were able
to decide their own destiny in this world, what would the world look
like?  I hope and pray something a bit closer to God’s realm…God’s
desire for God’s people.

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