PC(USA) partners in Colombia and the presidential election

Reprinted with permission from Called to Colombia:

Colombia Partnership Our partners in Colombia, the the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia, are faithful and passionate the defense of life – which in this context means the upholding of human rights.  With Colombia's history of violence, corruption, and the rise of 'parapolitics' – the ghastly combination of paramilitary forces into the official political structure – the IPC seeks a national politics that pursues peace from the unending violence, justice for the thousands of victims and families, and a vision of development and governance that values all persons, not only the traditional elite of Colombian society.  They have issued statements warning of an over-reliance on military solutions to societal conflicts, and steadfastly stand for a non-violent end to the conflict in the country.  Of course, as a church, they are non-partisan, not supporting any particular candidate, rather speaking up for policies that promote full life and justice for Colombia's many victims of decades of violence.  The IPC is also concerned about the plight of Colombia's campesinos, or poor farmers, and the desplazados, the persons displaced by the violence, who are often neglected in the national debates yet suffer the majority of the violence and econmoic exploitation.  Because Colombia has a long history of violence around elections and of corruption and fraud in the voting process, the IPC is particularly concerned for transparency and honesty in the carrying out of the voting in the upcoming May 30 Presidential election.

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