Middle East Study Committee report

The Middle East Study Committee of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has completed its work.

The report, “Breaking Down Walls,” is being released in three parts based on the amount of time needed to copy edit and format the approximately 150-page document for the assembly.

The first part of the report, which contains the introduction and a series of letters to multiple audiences, is now available.

A biblical/theological section will be released on Monday, March 8, and the remainder of the report, including policy recommendations, will be released on Wednesday, March 10.

The 218th General Assembly (2008) requested that the moderators of the 218th, 217th and 216th General Assemblies (2008), (2006) and (2004) select a nine-member committee from a broad spectrum of viewpoints from PC(USA) members to prepare a comprehensive study, with recommendations, that is focused on Israel/Palestine within the complex context of the Middle East.

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