Malawi and South Africa: Fear

Cross_in_church_2As I reflect on our time in South Africa and Malawi, I am struck by certain messages that bubble up.  I want to share one message.

Each congregation we visited, each home based care center we saw, each clinic where we stopped, the message was clear that many do not go for HIV/AIDS testing because they are overwhelmed by fear.  It does not matter much that they would know their status, could keep others safe, and could seek help when they would be ostracized from and reproached by their community.  These stories sparked the following personal reflection . . .

When I feel afraid, what do I do?

If I don’t want to know, what do I do?

When I feel ashamed, what do I do?

If I don’t want to lose my family, what do I do?

When I feel alone, do I turn to God?

Photo by Amanda Craft

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