Easter Greetings

Several Easter greetings have come my way that seem worth sharing. It is late in the week for such greetings, at least if one would want to use them on Easter Sunday. Remember though, liturgically speaking Easter is not just a day but a season. Here are some excerpts and links:

In an Easter message to the PC(USA), the Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick, Stated Clerk, writes
“In my years of working in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the church around the world, I have been struck by how the Easter message brings life, hope, and salvation to people in so many different contexts and finds expression in so many different ways. The ultimate triumph of the love of God in the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, brings incredible hope and joy to people who, like Jesus, face tremendous obstacles to fullness of life.”

The heads of churches in Jerusalem write, “Many people limit their thoughts on Easter to the empty tomb. How important then, for us to concentrate on the first manifestation which our Lord made to his disciples. There is considerable encouragement to be gained from the fact that the living Christ is greeting his living Church. We do not under estimate the burden of so many of our faithful today from the continuing violence and acts of terrorism that surround them, and of which we all are victims, in the West Bank, in Gaza and in the Israeli society. Nevertheless, the Risen Lord reminds us and tells us that we have a role and we have to change the present situation, through the power and strength which He gives us.”

In an email message, the Chairman of Baghdad Presbyterian Church and General Secretary of Presbyterian Churches of Iraq states, “I would like to wish you a Happy Easter with many, many returns and always the blessings of our Raised Lord. May the Lord bless all your works for the glory of his name. Pray with us so God may protect the Christians in Iraq.”

The Rev. Michael Kinnamon, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches USA, writes, “In the history of the world, it often seems like Good Friday.  As in the days of Jesus’ earthly ministry, innocent people still suffer violence, starvation and daily threats to their survival. For Christians, however, this is not—cannot be—the final word.  Death may seem to hold sway, but we confess that its power has been broken by the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of the One we worship as Savior and Lord.”

The staff of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program prays that you may experience anew the hope and wonder of the resurrection.

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