Malawi: “We Are Building”

Thomson_2“This is where we are building our presbytery office.”

Fields of maize surrounded us as our bus followed the dirt road to the site where the Dwanga Presbytery is working to build an office. It stands a short distance from the Nkhunga congregation where the Rev. Thomson J.K. Sibale, presbytery clerk of Dwanga Presbytery serves as parish minister.

Thomson (who had made great friends with Betty Thompson because of their shared name) and other presbytery leaders greeted us. As singing from the Nkhunga congregation swept over us, they shared their vision for the new office.

Work has commenced on the building. The exterior walls and many of the interior walls are in place, though not all are completed. The leaders remain sure that, by God’s grace, they will complete the building and it will be a blessing to their ministry.

This visit took place on March 2, 2008.

Photo of the Rev. Thomson J.K. Sibale by Jean Schneider.

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