Malawi: Pottery, Pizza, Monkeys

Lake_malawi_2 Some three hours north of Lilongwe, along the shore of Lake Malawi, stands the Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge and Coffee Shop. Across the lake you can see mountains in Mozambique. On the lake, fishermen ply small boats.

When we arrived for lunch on March 1, the wind was up. White caps dotted the lake. It appeared rough to us, with the possibility of a storm brewing, but we decided that those who were on the lake had been there longer than we had and could probably read the weather a bit better.

We ordered lunch—pizzas being the number one choice, although several folks chose chambo fish from the lake. After ordering, some participants went to dip their toes in the lake. Others sat and enjoyed the view and breeze. Most everyone made the short walk, at some time, to the pottery shop.

The shop many options—coffee cups, bowls, plates, and more. All beautifully made with scenes of Malawi. Numerous purchases were made. Purchases were also made from the a cooperative shop that sold handcrafts.

We drifted to the table as the food arrived. Overhead a number of Vervet monkeys appeared, perhaps looking for an opportunity to share any leftover food.

Nourished by the meal, the company, and the vista, we boarded the bus to continue the journey to Ekwendeni.

Photo of Lake Malawi by Linda Robertson.

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