South Africa: Top 10 Observations on Worship at WPT Ndibongo Presbyterian Church

  1. Our sisters and brothers in Christ greeted us on February 24 with grace, peace, and love. The welcome was warmer than the day.
  2. The singing was amazing. People sang with their voices, bodies, and souls. They invited us to join as we were able. The singing was a capella; the harmony intricate and profound; singing leader Zukiswa Rashe, filled with the Holy Spirit. In some instances, words were available; in many cases, people sang from the heart.
  3. At the front of the sanctuary, in the wall behind the pulpit, a cross is built directly into the pattern of the wood rather than simply affixed to the wall—a powerful symbol that this is the place of Christ’s people.
  4. During the celebration of communion, the elements ran out; elders quickly brought in additional bread and wine.
  5. The Apostles’ Creed was recited responsively with the pastor saying a line and the congregation repeating a line. This was an effective way to include the whole congregation: those who could read the creed; those who had memorized the creed; and those who had never heard the creed.
  6. WPT Ndibongo Presbyterian Church is named after a former pastor.
  7. The Rev. Zolile Rashe, the current pastor, is an incredibly charismatic preacher and worship leader.
  8. The church is located in Nyanga Township. Nyanga means moon. The sounds of township life came in through the open windows as did the wondrous smell of braai (barbeque).
  9. We were introduced as the “Presbyterian Babantu Bauxolo Base American:” American Presbyterian People of Peace.
  10. This was a day that God had made, and with our sisters and brothers in Christ, we truly rejoiced and were glad in it.

Photo of the Rev. Zolile Rashe, pastor of WPT Ndibongo Presbyterian Church, by Joy Gaska

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