sustainable agriculture

Peas and joy at Okra Abbey

As the team tore down the last of the vines covering the garden gates, Young Adult Volunteer Regi Jones realized they had just helped to unwrap the gift of Okra Abbey for the Pigeon Town neighborhood in New Orleans.

Innovative pastoral preparation in Zambia

At Chasefu Theological College in Zambia, future pastors learn to tend the soil as well as nurture Christian faith. “Chasefu’s introducing sustainable agriculture courses that will help seminary students better care for their families when they become pastors,” says Charles Johnson, a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission co-worker who teaches the agriculture classes. He added that they will also be able to teach communities techniques to boost crop yields and reduce hunger.

Farminary Combines Theological Education and Sustainable Agriculture

Farminary combines theological education and sustainable agriculture The way Nathan Stucky sees it, our journey to God begins and ends with the dirt under our feet. Stucky, a former farmer from Kansas, is director of Princeton Theological Seminary’s 21-acre Farminary Project in Princeton, New Jersey, a place where seminarians dig deep to cultivate lessons of faith.