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The PC(USA)’s Unification Commission wrestles with the ‘M’ word

“Defining what constitutes mission and how mission is funded and who has fiscal authority are fundamental questions that are beginning to arise for us,” said the Rev. Scott Lumsden, a member of the Finance Work Group within the Unification Commission, which seeks to combine the Office of the General Assembly and the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

Ruth Gardner receives Donna Craig Volunteer Award from Kentucky Refugee Ministries

The welcome of people forced to leave their homes to find a new place to live played a role in Jesus’ life and his teachings. Motivated by fear for their son’s safety, Mary and Joseph took Jesus and sought refuge in Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15). Jesus would later proclaim that in welcoming people we do not know, we welcome him (Matthew 25:35). In response, Presbyterians across the country and around the world have been, and are, involved in welcoming refugees as our siblings and new friends. Louisville is no exception.

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board hears from its corresponding members and approves reports from its new teams during final day of meeting

In addition to approving the Women of Faith awards for 2022 (see that story here) the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board concluded its three-day meeting at Stony Point Center Friday by hearing reports by corresponding members, approving reports from its three newly formed teams and, as it always does, worshiping the God who guides the work.

Laying down tracks for technology investments

Meeting in person for the first time since the pandemic began nearly 2½ years ago, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation Board heard a report Thursday on the denomination’s technology needs.

A matter of FACT

The first organization outside the PC(USA) to use the new conference space in the Presbyterian Center goes by the acronym FACT, an apt name for ecumenical researchers from around the country.

Genuine relationships and long-term commitments

Genuine relationships and a long-term commitment are key. That message was clearly stated during a conversation about community partnerships between Black community leaders in Louisville and leaders of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) agencies and entities held on July 28.

Cutting to the chase

The Board of Directors of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation made short work of its agenda Thursday, completing the business conducted during the public segment of its meeting in just an hour, half the time the board had allotted.