Children’s book from Flyaway Books explores memory loss

“Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant” by Maria Girón explores memory loss from the perspective of both those who forget and those around them. Inside the book, a young boy named Arthur meets an elephant who suffers from memory loss. After a playful day together, the elephant remembers enough to help him reunite with his family. The book, which is ideal for ages 3–7, encourages readers to have compassion for and patience with those suffering from memory loss and it features charming illustrations that progressively become more colorful throughout the story

Spiritually stitching what is torn

In just the same way mending can repair a damaged garment, we can spiritually mend relationships that are in need of repair.

God’s timing

I know this is a slight deviation from the beloved German Christmas carol, but you know how sometimes on a Monday morning you have a hymn stuck in your head from Sunday’s worship? I have one particular Christmas Eve etched into my childhood memories.