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PC(USA) area coordinator for the Pacific explores the lingering effects of nuclear bomb testing in the Marshall Islands

“Screams and hubbubs! The children were excited and happy to leave the huts and go play outside. The air was thick and full of dust and flakes falling from the sky. They thought it was snowing, something which never happened on their tropical island. They were surprised and curious. They run after the flakes, catching them with their hands, rubbing them in their hair and on their bodies,” an eyewitness recalled.

Minute for Mission: A Social Creed for the 21st Century

Of all the economic indicators this year, it seems that the “labor numbers” are pretty good. Even though prices have been rising, unemployment is at an almost record low. People are working again, but interestingly a labor shortage persists. Jobs are still available everywhere. “Help wanted” signs are hanging in merchant windows. Employers continue to offer better wages and benefits and flexible work hours, all with the hope of attracting workers to fill needed jobs. The labor numbers may be good, but labor is still a problem.

‘We need to talk about voting’

“We need to talk about voting,” Dr. Rodney S. Sadler Jr. of Union Presbyterian Seminary said to kick off a 90-minute webinar Tuesday titled “Our Voices, Our Votes, Our Freedoms,” “making sure we are putting this front and center of any work we’re doing.”

Faith groups call for humanitarian action in Cuba

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is one of 24 churches and faith-based organizations to have signed on to a letter calling on the administration of President Joe Biden to lift the sanctions on Cuba, saying they prevent humanitarian aid from reaching people on the island.