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just talk live

‘The intersection of faith and media’

In the Communicators Network PC(USA)’s first-ever episode of Community Conversations broadcast via Facebook Live on Tuesday, the Rev. Lee Catoe and the Rev. DeEtte Decker didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts on how churches and the denomination can use social media more effectively to help amplify the voices of people who aren’t regularly heard from. Hear the conversation by joining Communicators Network by clicking here.

‘The struggle does not define us’

On Saturday, Aug. 28, the Presbyterian Week of Action will celebrate the liberation, resilience and vibrancy of Black people through two main events: a panel discussion and an evening concert.

Challenging the ‘idolatry’ of the nuclear family

The first time the Rev. Lee Catoe heard the term “queer,” it was in the saying “queer as a $2 bill.” Sometimes it simply referred to something that was just odd, but other times it was referring to someone in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Breaking free from purity culture

The second Linda Kay Klein heard that the gunman in the March 16 shootings at three Atlanta spas considered his victims “stumbling blocks,” she knew he had been raised in purity culture.

‘Just Talk Live’ examines AAPI hate

On the eve of its one-year anniversary, “Just Talk Live” took on the topic of AAPI hate, with a trio of guests who affirmed that racism against Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is nothing new and that the church has a role to play in stopping it.