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john pavlovitz

APCE workshops address trauma and faith

“We never outgrow fear,” John Pavlovitz said in his second plenary at last week’s annual event of the Association of Partners in Christian Education. “As we get older, we just trade in our terror for more age-appropriate models.” Pavlovitz, a pastor, writer and activist from North Carolina, then described the two responses we have at any age to the storms that scare us: “We become frozen or frantic.”

APCE plenary speaker John Pavlovitz passes the microphone

People attending the Association of Partners in Christian Education’s annual event had a role to play at the start of pastor and author John Pavlovitz’s final plenary Saturday morning: Pavlovitz turned over the microphone and asked them what they’ve experienced since the conference opened on Wednesday.

APCE welcomes its keynote speaker, pastor and author John Pavlovitz

Writer, pastor and activist John Pavlovitz’s latest book is called “If God is Love, Don’t be a Jerk: Finding a Faith that Makes Us Better Humans.” He writes a blog called “Stuff that Needs to be Said.” He sees our world through the lenses of kindness and empathy, and his many talks around the country are infused with both.

WJK releases updated edition of popular Walter Brueggemann book

A decade ago, Walter Brueggemann called the church to journey together for the good of our community through neighborliness, covenanting, and reconstruction in “Journey to the Common Good.” He distilled this challenge to its most basic issues: Where is the church going? What is its role in contemporary society? What lessons does it have to offer a world enmeshed in turbulent times?

‘A Bigger Table’ by John Pavlovitz is now available with a study guide

Originally published in 2017, “A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic and Hopeful Spiritual Community” helped launch John Pavlovitz as one of the leading voices of the progressive Christian movement in the United States. He spoke out forcefully on the church’s stance on issues of LGBTQ inclusion, gender equality, racial justice, global concerns, and theological shifts.