gifts of God

Manna: the biblical symbol of ‘enough’

Does enough exist?  Is there ever enough time, money, sleep, love, faith, justice, energy or peace for us? Why does it feel like we are always lacking in these and other areas of our lives?

Our differences are gifts of God, Big Tent Bible study leader says

Bounding up to the pulpit with his laptop, Big Tent Bible study leader Eric Barreto cut right to the chase: “We have a problem,” he told Presbyterians gathered in Graham Chapel on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. “Even as the church is changing, even as our neighborhoods are changing, we as Christians don’t know quite know what to say in the face of these changes,” said Barreto, an associate professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary who was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Slidell, Louisiana. He was leading the first of two Bible studies on the topic “Difference and Diversity in the Book of Acts.”