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Whispers of the heart

The daughter of a church member texted, late one Friday night, to say that her dad’s physical health was fading fast. He had been placed on hospice, and she was concerned about how much more time he had. She told me that she had become his round-the-clock nurse/caregiver, and she was grateful to be able to do that. Earlier in the week I had offered to drive to her house (about 60 miles) to visit them. She indicated that she now wanted to take me up on my offer.

Windshields and rearview mirrors

It makes a big difference how much time we spend looking forward to what’s coming our way, and how much time we spend looking backward at where we’ve been. At least it does in driver’s education. I remember my driver’s ed instructor telling us to look in our rearview mirrors once every two seconds — which seems like bad advice to give to a bunch of literalistic teenagers.

Getting ourselves out of a mess

Like in biblical times, maybe we have arrogantly fallen into self-confidence about our own importance, wealth and power, thinking we don’t need God.

Fellowship is not just social time

Years ago, I had the pleasure of talking with Bruce Joel Rubin, a screenwriter who won an Oscar for his screenplay of the romantic thriller “Ghost.”

Most Presbyterian Men are grounded in their faith

The Rev. Robert “Bob” W. Abrams brings joy to his colleagues at the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) headquarters in Louisville. At age 96, Abrams, a former mission co-worker who from 1960–64 served World Mission in India alongside his late wife, Wanda, arrives at his office on the fourth floor of the Presbyterian Center two days each week. For the past 16 years, Abrams has volunteered to serve as coordinator of the national office of Presbyterian Men.

It’s not easy serving God

Done right, service to God is not an easy task. From the beginning, the people of God struggled with the issue of faithfulness; and those who were chosen to lead them, especially the prophets, were often confounded by the worldly challenges around them and the inner challenges of disobedience within the community of God’s people.