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Taking our well-being into our own hands

The Rev. Judy Slater has stress-reducing and anxiety-alleviating techniques at her fingertips. Following a webinar she put on last week, so do members of Presbyterians for Earth Care.

Native Americans navigate intersection of past and future

Clear blue skies were on display during the opening day of the Presbyterians for Earth Care Conference at Menucha Retreat and Conference Center near Portland, Oregon. Just two weeks prior to the event, organizers were concerned that the smoke and flames from a season of wildfires would force them to find a new location.

Presbyterian group gets close look at environmental threats facing Oregon

Approximately 25 environmentally-focused Presbyterians took a half a day away from General Assembly business for a bus trip along the Columbia River Gorge on Wednesday. Nestled between the Oregon/Washington State border, this vast waterway is a salmon spawning ground. But pollution and the threat of new corporate development is placing the region in a state of concern.