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‘We’re the worst babysitters on the planet’

Author and environmentalist Bill McKibben is passionate about pursuing energy that comes from above — sun and wind, rather than from below — coal, oil and gas, fossil fuels that he says are literally “decreating” planet Earth.

Incendio de la subestación eléctrica en San Juan pone a cansados residentes de Puerto Rico en la oscuridad nuevamente

El largo y lento retorno del servicio eléctrico en Puerto Rico tras el huracán María sufrió un revés el pasado domingo, cuando una subestación eléctrica sufrió una explosión e incendio. La mayor parte del norte del territorio estadounidense se vio afectada. Las autoridades dicen que podría tomar un par de días para restablecer la electricidad permanentemente.

Electric substation fire in San Juan throws weary Puerto Rico residents in dark again

The long, slow return to reliable electric service in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria suffered a setback on Sunday when an explosion and fire rocked an electric substation. Most of the northern part of the U.S. territory was affected. Authorities say it could take a couple of days to fully restore power.

West Virginia Earth Care Congregation draws interest in solar power

For members of the Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church of West Virginia, solar power is the wave of the future. While the cost of converting to solar energy can be high, the congregation has found some innovative ways to make it happen without breaking the bank.