One farmer’s take on the Creation narrative

The Rev. Dr. Nathan Stucky serves Princeton Theological Seminary as director of the Farminary Project, a place “where theological education is integrated with small-scale regenerative agriculture to train faith leaders who are conversant in the areas of ecology, sustainability and food justice.”

Reimagining the ‘Charity Garden’

Gardening began for me as a personal spiritual practice. Something about having my hands in the dirt grounded me. As I began getting more serious about it, I began seeing how food intersects many of the areas of justice, from race and immigration to ecology and wealth inequality. I saw that growing food was a way to effect change on a local level as well as a place to start conversations about larger systemic changes. When done well, gardening can be both a means of connecting to the Creator and to our neighbors.

Becoming an Earth Care congregation

Caring for God’s creation is a mission for any size congregation, and becoming a PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation can help.

Caring for creation

There are 12 simple ways that congregations of any size can take to practice better environmental stewardship.

Pacific Island churches begin the journey to a ‘new normal’

The Rev. Dr. Tēvita Koloa’ia Havea, moderator of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), a PC(USA) global partner, says 2020 will mark a turning point for the Pacific Islands in how it understands everything from ecumenism, ecology and politics to development.

Presbyterians to commemorate Earth Day on Sunday

Presbyterians will be joining millions of people worldwide on April 22 to commemorate Earth Day, an annual awareness campaign focusing on earth care and the need to protect the planet from harmful pollution and degradation.

Newly-published study affirms place of ‘Wisdom’ in today’s culture

Because the Wisdom literature of the Bible—Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes—can offer invaluable guidance in addressing the challenging issues facing contemporary culture, Congregational Ministries Publishing (CMP) has released a new study entitled Wisdom, the latest in its popular Being Reformed series.