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Searching for God’s kingdom

Living in Honduras this past spring and summer felt especially difficult and intense. What started as a labor dispute between teachers’ and doctors’ unions and the government became agitation against government corruption and economic desperation. Classrooms from elementary to university closed at various times, and taxi and bus drivers sometimes blocked streets and shut down cities. The U.S. Embassy was vandalized and partially closed.

Faith cannot be washed away

Hurricane Matthew was like a very bad dream, watching a slow-motion bullet heading toward someone you love, unable to do anything to stop it. I kept the National Hurricane Center’s webpage open for five or six days, morning, afternoon and night; checking every few hours to see what the storm was doing.

Concern growing for those left behind in South Sudan

Although all PC(USA) mission co-workers have left South Sudan, there is grave concern for those who are left behind. “Thanks be to God. I arrived in Nairobi at 10.30 a.m.,” said Leisa Wagstaff by email. “Let us continue to pray for the people I left behind.” Wagstaff expects to be in Kenya for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Education requires sacrifice and a passion for learning

The pair of shiny, ankle-high boy’s boots sat in my kitchen most of that day. I’d seen Paul Sinette standing outside the gate when I left my house that morning. Paul Sinette works in my house, usually showing up about 9:30 each morning. She cooks, cleans house and generally makes my life better.