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Minute for Mission: International Roma Day

Some words can’t be adequately translated — the foreign-language version just doesn’t do justice to the original. One such word is tabor, a Romani word signifying a group of Roma people, typically related by blood and/or marriage, who live and travel together.

Working together to be the Church in Niger

Although mission co-workers Rachel and Michael Ludwig were pained to leave Niger when the State Department ordered citizens to return to the U.S., they believe they are still having a lasting impact through partnership bridges they have built since they answered the call to serve there in 2014.

Is your church ready to embrace interculturalism?

Using a question-and-answer format, a longtime Presbyterian pastor and an inquirer in Sacramento Presbytery offered a workshop Saturday during the 2020 Intercultural Transformation Workshops.

Worship service celebrates the many gifts women bring

The Church observed Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday on March 3, honoring women who exhibit grace that knows no boundaries. During chapel service at the Presbyterian Center in Louisville, worshipers gathered to hear the Rev. Dr. Rhashell Hunter, director of Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries, preach in observance of the special day. The theme for the 2019 Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday was “The Grace of God Has No Boundaries.”

Minute for Mission: Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday

Dr. Jana Childers, dean and vice president of academic affairs and professor of homiletics and speech communication at San Francisco Theological Seminary, writes: “The idea that God is a boundary-crosser is not new. Nor is the thought that God’s grace flows through the world unhampered by human borders.