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border ministry

‘We are backed by God’

Against the backdrop of Russia preparing for the possible invasion of neighboring Ukraine, three panelists offered their perspectives on gun violence and militarism during the second Connecting the Dots webinar Tuesday.

Beloved borderlands pastor ‘Chuy’ Gallegos Blanco dies at 63

Pastor Jesus “Chuy” Gallegos Blanco passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday, Nov. 1. He was, according to his obituary published in the Longmont (Colorado) Leader, loved by many who are grieving the loss of his life. He was 63.

Big decisions along the border

Two college students who participated in a border ministry event last year found that the biggest impact came within themselves, and they responded by dedicating their lives to serving others.

The hope that hopelessness can bring

The famous quote from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. aside, Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre says the arc of the moral universe “couldn’t care less where it bends.”

‘Yo hablo el amor’

Immigrants seeking a home in a new land and Arizona residents needing home repairs are both learning the language of love through the work of a couple serving as Young Adult Volunteers at the Tucson Borderlands YAV site on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Transcending barriers

Coffee is a major agricultural product of Mexico, the beverage of choice among millions of people in the U.S., and a link in a mission partnership that transforms people in both countries.

Border ministry collaboration turns barren land into garden of plenty

About 10 years ago, even weeds wouldn’t grow on the land that was given to DouglaPrieta Trabaja, a grassroots community group that promotes food security. But the group’s members dreamed big. They dreamed of converting the barren land in the Mexican border town of Agua Prieta into a food jungle. And with lots of hard work, tons of different types of manure, and loads of compost, laughter, tears and prayer, they are producing more vegetables than their families can eat. And they are blessing their community not only with fresh vegetables, but also with an example of faith and perseverance.