ayana teter

Prayer, guided meditation no problem for online platforms

Add prayer and guided meditation to the activities for which Presbyterians are now using online platforms to engage. During a recent Zoom call, the Revs. Jeff Eddings, coaching and spiritual formation associate for 1001 New Worshiping Communities, and Ayana Teter, director of vocation and placement at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, took about 30 participants through liturgy, prayer and a guided meditation designed to get them to use their imaginations to place themselves in the midst of the disciples as Jesus washed their grimy feet as depicted in John 13:1–17.

Taking a critical look at ministry can help us avoid being ‘copycats’

Recently, I was invited to share my thoughts on the “big picture” view of my church. I had the honor of sharing in a panel with a group of Presbyterian pastors from the Middle East. As Christians they were the minority in their national culture. As Presbyterians they were the minority among their Christian brothers and sisters. As such, they had to be intentional about nurturing faith in their youth, cultivating character in their families, and making disciples who could be the salt and light in their communities. And though I have no firsthand experience of the lives they live, I was struck by the beauty and challenges they faced in their journey of faith.