alleviate poverty

Self-Development of People celebrates its 50th anniversary

As we enter the 2020s, the United States finds itself frequently looking back to the early 1970s — a similar time of harsh political polarization, with issues of race and poverty a prominent part of our conversations and a church wondering how to address them.

Spirit-inspired initiative produces fruit that promises to alleviate poverty

When Dan Turk gazes at tangerine trees in Antanetibe, Madagascar, he sees more than an agricultural success story. He sees a path out of poverty for the families who tend the crop. It’s a route that traces its beginnings to Turk and his partners at the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM). In 2010, Turk’s colleagues from the FJKM visited Antanetibe and trained about 70 people in tangerine production. The church’s entire Development Department traveled to the town, stayed in the homes of the future tangerine farmers and helped them plant the trees.