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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) delegation crosses border into Mexico

It’s been a long four months for Marleny and her family. Since Aug. 28, she, her daughter, son-in-law and nine-year-old grandson have been on the road from El Salvador to the U.S. border. They’ve been at the Mexico-U.S. border for two weeks and are still waiting to talk with border officials.

Peacemaking Travel Study Seminar visits Jeju Island

The island of Jeju off the southern coast of Korea holds a history that is tragic and painful to its residents. Located on the sea and air routes between the Pacific Ocean, Japan and China, Jeju held an important role as a port and defense position as various nation states vied for power over the Korean Peninsula.

Small church, big God

Growing up in the mountains of Virginia in the 1950s, I carried water from a pump well. We had to let the water “settle” before we drank it. There was always an inch or so of sediment in the bottom of the bucket. The water tasted of iron.

Holiday conversations may include adoption

For many people, the holidays bring an abundance of casual conversation about family. That conversation, though, can be hurtful to adoptive families.

Small ministry, big mission helps Syrian refugees thrive

As he and his small church help some of the thousands of Syrian refugees living in Tyre, Lebanon, to learn a trade to feed their families, the Rev. Amir Ishak has adopted the gazelle as the symbol for his innovative ministry.

Presbyterian Ministry at the UN celebrates United Nations Day

United Nations Day 2018 marks the 73rd anniversary of the U.N. charter that has been the foundation of the U.N.’s work since 1945. Originally created to promote world peace in the aftermath of World War II, the U.N.’s role has since grown to encompass protecting human rights, promoting social and economic development, and providing aid and comfort to countries and people around the world afflicted by famine, disaster and war. Oct. 24 has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948.