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Grupo presbiteriano de abogacía emite reto para «levantar nuestro mensaje colectivo»

Las personas de color en los EE.UU. están siendo asesinadas por la policía en números desproporcionados debido al color de su piel, su raza y origen étnico. Condenamos y lamentamos el asesinato continuo y sistemático de personas desarmadas de color, particularmente hombres afroamericanos y pedimos que se realicen investigaciones exhaustivas en los homicidios policiales de Keith Lamont Scott en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, Terence Crutcher en Tulsa, Oklahoma, y Tyre King en Columbus, Ohio.

New Jersey church remembers war dead with ‘Field of Flags’

For five years Westminster Presbyterian Church in Middletown, New Jersey has assembled a memorable display on its Great Lawn each fall. Beginning in 2012, the church’s “Field of Flags” display has contained one American flag for every service member killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Irizarry announced as Board of Pensions vice president for education

The Rev. Dr. José Irizarry says he was a pew child. “I learned how to crawl and walk in the pews of the church,” he said. “It was home for me.” Becoming a minister, he said, was just one step in his development, which began in those pews in his small church in Puerto Rico. “I feel called by that community,” said Irizarry, who was recently named Vice President, Education at The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). “That community nurtured me into leadership.”

West Louisville Presbyterian church hosts theater camp

In West Louisville, Westwood Presbyterian Church came up with a creative way to address what generations of African Americans have come to believe—“that life is cheap, and the cheapest of all are black lives.” By hosting a drama camp for African American kids earlier this year, Westwood took them back to a time when African American culture was thriving.

PC(USA) issues updated guidelines on election activities for religious organizations

The legal counsel of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has issued a set of guidelines for pastors, congregations and mid-councils during the election season. As tax exempt organizations, the guidelines prohibit PC(USA) entities from campaigning for or against a candidate but allows promotion of or lobbying for or against issues.

Moral Revival makes a stop in Louisville

The Moral Revival made its latest stop on a 20-city tour at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville last night. In collaboration with the Kentucky Council of Churches and local ministries, the Rev. Dr. William Barber II brought his message of moral governance based on Christian values to the city, urging clergy to preach on and act for just policies in the city and state.

7 Easy Ways to Get Your Congregation Connected

Jesus was a great storyteller. He showed us that sharing a tale or a parable could stir hearts, win people over, inspire the lukewarm, and build up God’s realm on earth. We invite you to share our stories and yours.

Charlotte churches regroup after long week of demonstrations, unrest

Although the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina are now quiet following protests in response to the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott by police, area Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) pastors say the historic and deep-seated sentiment that fostered unrest after this killing remains.

Presbyterian advocacy group issues challenge to ‘raise our collective voice’

ACREC calls the members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to leave the comfort of their buildings to put their bodies on the line as co-conspirators in a movement for transformation, to stand for reparative justice instead of cheap reconciliation, to join communities of resistance, declaring that all people are created by God which means uttering without equivocation that Black Lives Matter!

New Board of Pensions VP of Church Relations deeply rooted in church

The 216th General Assembly (2004) was over. The hall had emptied, and Andy Browne was heading for the door when he was pulled up short by an “environmental mess.” “There was just this mound of paper in the middle of the floor,” Browne said, remembering that day in the Greater Richmond Convention Center. It was all the business of the assembly—in hard copy.