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All Agency Review Committee discusses future plans

The All Agency Review Committee of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) met yesterday via conference call to receive working group progress updates and plan for its Aug. 21–22 meeting in Louisville.

Way Forward Commission to release midterm report

The Way Forward Commission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is set to release its midterm report today, saying it has started “to dream of the 21st century church we see emerging.” Under the direction of the General Assembly and the Stated Clerk, the group says it is taking a “bolder course” rather than “tinkering with existing structures” in an effort to sustain the organization.

De La Rosa redacta carta de preocupación para la Comisión Camino hacia Adelante

Tony De La Rosa, Director Ejecutivo Interino de la Agencia Presbiteriana de Misión (PMA), emitió una carta abierta en la que se esbozaban sus preocupaciones referentes al énfasis temático y al trabajo continuo de la Comisión, especialmente en lo que se refiere a la PMA. De La Rosa dijo en un comunicado donde enfatizo en la carta que «no representa la posición oficial de la Agencia de Misión ni su Junta Directiva «y que escribió la carta en su capacidad individual como director interino de la PMA.

델라 로사(De La Rosa) 의 앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회(Way Forward Commission)에 보내는 공개서한

루이빌 -장로교 선교국(PMA) 임시 사무총장인 토니 델라 로사는 PMA와 관련하여 앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회Way Forward Commission의 주제별 내용 및 지속적인 작업에 관한 우려를 강조하는 공개 서한을 발표했다. 델라 로사(De La Rosa)는 성명서에서 “선교국이나 이사회의 공식 입장을 대표하지는 않는다”며 PMA의 임시 대표로서 “개별 역량”의 서한을 전하였다.

‘More than Words’ explores modern family values

In an ever-polarizing religious landscape, More than Words by Erin Wathen offers an invitation to a way of life that deepens relationships, strengthens communities, and empowers readers to let go of rigid “values” systems, discovering instead the meaning and freedom that can be found in articulating and living out one’s own values.

De La Rosa pens open letter of concern to Way Forward Commission

Tony De La Rosa, interim executive director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), issued an open letter outlining concerns regarding the thematic emphases and continued work of the Way Forward Commission, especially as it relates to the PMA.

The dismantling of immigrant and refugee families

The United States is a nation captivated by nonstop news coverage of events surrounding President Donald Trump and his administration’s alleged ties to Russia. Each day presents new headlines that are more intriguing than those of the day before.

1001 NWC videos inspire pastor to produce stories from Coastal Carolina Presbytery

The Rev. Evan Harrison of Sunnyside Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina had an idea. Given to him by God, he says, through inspiration he received watching Presbyterian Mission Agency 1001 New Worshiping Community videos — and from what he saw happening in churches throughout the Coastal Carolina Presbytery.