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Mission Yearbook

Los Ranchos Presbytery

The Luxury of Reading and Praying to Jesus

“Thank you for the books.” I must have heard that at least a thousand times!

Presbytery of Western Reserve

Liberian School Built by Vision, Faith, and Partnership

Isaac Monah’s home was destroyed and his younger brother was killed during the first of two civil wars in Liberia. He fled to the Ivory Coast, where he helped an American anthropology student track monkeys in the jungle. There, they talked about faith, and Isaac memorized a new word: Presbyterian. Moving to Ghana, he earned a high school diploma at age 27.


When essential medical supplies run out, a missionary turns to one remaining resource: prayer

It was most strange for my missionary-doctor-daddy to be home in the middle of the morning. Ordinarily he was not able to get away from the clinic or operating room before one or two in the afternoon. Yet, here he was now, riding into the back yard on his bicycle, right in the middle of our geometry class.

Pittsburgh Presbytery

Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community strives to be authentic, not unique

What do you get when you have two college friends with backgrounds in theater and combine that with degrees in ministry? Simply put, you have the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community in Pittsburgh.

Minute for Mission: Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

Minute for Mission: Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

This month Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary marks an anniversary of sorts. On June 30, 2014, after 45 years of membership, our seminary disaffiliated from the historic consortium known as the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) of Atlanta. Why? Because the religious environment had changed. We felt called to bring a new kind of seminary into existence—one that is innovative and helps students anticipate the 21st-century reality of Christian ministry at home and abroad.

Presbytery of de Cristo

Georges Bitar: The Pastor as Artist

Georges Bitar is a Syrian refugee. Georges sits in my living room, sipping coffee. As we relish the baklava he brought—a gift to the senses, compliments of his wife, Mary—my wife, Laura, is delighted, for Georges has presented to her a beautiful calligraphy of the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic. Georges is both an artist and a pastor, leader of the Middle Eastern Presbyterian Fellowship (MEPF) in Tucson.

Presbytery of New Covenant

Presbytery of New Covenant

Changing demographics bring revitalization to congregation Saint Paul Presbyterian Church began its ministry in southwest Houston 60 years ago as a suburban congregation. About 25 years later Saint Paul gladly welcomed its first African-immigrant members. As the neighborhood changed and the original congregation began to age, African immigrants began to revitalize the church. When Dr. Kevin R. Boyd was called as pastor in 2003, Saint Paul was facing the challenges of changing demographics. He encouraged Saint Paul’s fledgling African choir, Calabash, to be part of every service. Today the choir, composed of members from numerous African countries, leads God’s people weekly in praise, alongside a traditional choir as well as a praise band.

Synod of the Pacific

Synod of the Pacific

Korean congregations: ‘a healthy branch of Christ’ As a commissioner of San Francisco Presbytery to the Synod of the Pacific and to the Korean churches in the synod, I am honored to serve/organize the Korean American congregations as a task force team leader.

Synod of Living Waters

Synod of Living Waters

Desmond Tutu has said that the sea is really only drops of water that have come together. Over the years, Living Waters for the World (LWW) has certainly learned the power of coming together in partnership for sustainable water for a generation. LWW, a ministry of the Synod of Living Waters, trains partners to work together in covenant to provide communities with a source of clean water by utilizing a simple, affordable water treatment system. While many people hear about LWW from a news article or a volunteer engaged with the mission, some first come to know about LWW by tasting the water for themselves and seeing a water partnership in action.

Presbytery of Inland Northwest

Presbyterians Deliver Comfort in Response to a Night of Terror The piercing sound of sirens filled the night sky that was bright with an eerie orange glow. Hot embers cooled and turned to ash as they floated through the air, covering the ground like snowflakes—a strange sight for mid-August 2015 in the town of Kamiah, Idaho, where a wildfire was encroaching on area homes. Responding to a frantic knock at the door, a pastor greeted a young couple with their two small boys and two large dogs in tow, a look of terror and worry etched on their faces. They had been ordered to evacuate their home. Wind gusts were spreading the fire, which had resulted from lightning strikes several days earlier. The couple did not know where to go or what to do, so they went to their church. Within minutes other church members began arriving with similar stories.