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Mission Engagement & Support

Are we there yet?

When I was a child, my family took frequent weekend trips from Charlotte to visit longtime friends in Lemon Springs, North Carolina. Lemon Springs was (and is) barely more than a dot on a map and a wide spot on the road, but my sister and I knew every traffic light, turn, ice cream shop and landmark along the way.

Stewardship matters

“The Protestant foreign missionary project expected to make the world look more like the United States. Instead, it made the United States look more like the world.” It is with those provocative words that David A. Hollinger opens his latest work, “Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried to Change the World but Changed America,” a very interesting book that provided me with new insights into a historical role of missionaries.    

‘Mi casa es su casa’

“Mi casa es su casa” expresses a sincere welcome to all. One hears this phrase often in Latina communities. When guests are in one’s home, they become part of one’s family.

Presbyterian Giving Catalog connects grateful donors with world’s greatest needs

With many hands-on volunteer service opportunities and most mission trips still largely on hold because of the pandemic, Presbyterians need only let their fingers — and their imagination — do the walking, straight through the new Presbyterian Giving Catalog in order to reach out and touch people’s lives.

Learning to sign ‘peace’

A “peace movement” is taking place throughout Mid-Kentucky Presbytery. Its origins are found in Scripture for sure, but the movement has gained momentum largely in response to COVID-19.

A light in the clearing

When the prophet Elijah, deep in the throes of an existential crisis, fled to Mount Horeb in search of God, he was met instead with the sound of sheer silence. Natalie Pisarcik knows just how he felt.

Put on the whole armor of God

Of late, the hosts of Between Two Pulpits, Special Offerings’ Bryce Wiebe and Lauren Rogers, have asked their guest to discuss what the coming Sunday’s sermon might look like if they were taking to the pulpit.