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빅텐트 실시간 총회 예배 통역 제공

루이빌 – 미국장로교 (Presbyterian Church) Big Tent 행사에서 처음으로 본회의 및 예배의 일부로 번역 서비스가 제공된다. 교회 전체 모임은 7월 6일부터 8일까지 세인트루이스의 워싱턴대학 캠퍼스에서 진행된다.


  Prayer’s message of harmony and unity in Christ offers hope in a time of strife June 20, 2017 Friends in mission, On March 22, I visited the Korean Christian Federation (KCF) in Pyongyang to deliver 30 tons of flour to Bongsu Church’s Bread Factory through Shenyang, China. At that time, I also delivered a… Read more »

Korean-American churches navigate cultural changes

Sometimes it’s the small things that you remember in ministry. Eun Joo Kim, a Korean-American Presbyterian pastor, recalls a moment when she was leaving the first Korean-American youth ministry position that she held while in seminary.