Faith & Worship

What the church is called out to do

LOUISVILLE — “Why?” The favorite and persistent question of children everywhere may exasperate parents, grandparents and caregivers, but it’s an important question, the Rev. Samuel Son told the 450 participants during worship Tuesday at the Synod of Lakes and Prairies’ Synod School.

An unexpected blessing

Blessings can come from unanticipated sources in places we might not expect. For the Rev. Dr. Jill Duffield and her family, the place was outside a Goodwill dressing room, and the sources were two older women unknown to the Duffield family.

‘An amazing love story’

Growing up in the City of New York, the Rev. Samuel Son said he remembers pretending that he didn’t care how early in the process he was selected to play in a pickup baseball game. “We would stand there, trying to look like we didn’t care,” Son recalled during evening worship Monday at the Synod of Lakes and Prairies Synod School. “But at the same time, we tried to stand out. We definitely didn’t want to be the last kid [selected].”

‘It is very good’

After telling the 450 or so people attending the Synod of Lakes and Prairies’ Synod School on Monday that they’re co-creators with God and, as John Calvin once said, “little manifestations of God’s glory,” the Rev. Dr. Jill Duffield proved her point by asking participants to use their cellphones to take first a selfie and then a photo of the people seated around them.

Presbyterian Writers Guild offers panel on hymn-writing

As congregations — and congregational singing — return to in-person worship, the Presbyterian Writers Guild is sponsoring a one-hour panel presentation on hymn-writing featuring three renowned Presbyterian hymn composers.

Everyday God-talk reimagined

Everyday God-talk returns for its first official season using the lens of Reformed theology to focus on environmental justice and climate crisis.

Ordinary Time gets a new image

Ordinary Time is a span of the Church calendar between major feasts and their seasons, occupying more than 30 Sundays each year.

With help from its youngest attendees, PAM conference ends on a high note

Since Friday’s closing worship at the Presbyterian Association of Musicians’ Worship and Music Conference focused on communion, dozens of loaves of bread from all over the world were spread on the communion table before worshipers. For this service, children were also front and center — right where Jesus wants them to be, according to Mark 10:13-16, one of the texts selected by the conference preacher, the Rev. CeCe Armstrong of St. James Presbyterian Church in Charleston, S.C.

Servants’ Entrance

For a minister of music who’s also a choral music and conducting professor, Tom Trenney is a born storyteller.