Presbyterian Pastor Provides 100 Essential Topics Every Child Should Learn About in New Book

Presbyterian pastor and teacher Rebecca Kirkpatrick has written a new book that guides leaders and parents through the key topics children growing up in the church should be taught. In 100 Things Every Child Should Know before Confirmation, Kirkpatrick provides an overview of one hundred essential topics with suggestions for how educators and parents can explore… Read more »

Presbyterian funded community school partnership in Illinois gets rave reviews

Project is a ‘DREAAM’ Come True for African-American Boys at Risk by Rick Jones | Presbyterian News Service Louisville, January 1, 2016—“Let’s rock the DREAAM House, Rock the DREAAM House.” Those are the words coming from 10 excited five-year-old boys participating in the DREAAM Summer Pre-K Academy. The DREAAM House is a new community-school partnership significantly funded… Read more »

Pennsylvania church celebrates half a century of helping children succeed

By Rick Jones For more than 50 years, the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church has helped local children succeed in school through its own in-house tutoring program. But the Pennsylvania church traces its interest in education back to the late 1800’s. Elder Margaret Bailey Speer is credited with launching the current tutoring program after approaching the Session… Read more »