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Disaster Response

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance volunteers meet in Louisville

For the 22nd year, national volunteers who give of their time to assist presbyteries, congregations and communities impacted by disasters through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance have gathered for their annual meeting. This year’s gathering in Louisville, brought together nearly 100 members to take part in a time of  “learning, connecting and relating.”

Tribal group in India battles extreme poverty

Off the grid, non-existent, outcasts. Those are some of the words used to describe a tribal group in southern India struggling to survive with little food, no homes and little opportunity for improvement.

A Lenten journey to mission

While Lent is widely viewed as a journey of introspection, some Ohio Presbyterians, inspired by their support for One Great Hour of Sharing, also see it as an opportunity for mission activities.

Nepal continues recovery nearly three years after devastating earthquake

April 25, 2018, marks three years since the first of two powerful earthquakes rocked the country of Nepal, leaving thousands dead or homeless and millions in need of humanitarian assistance. Recently, Luke Asikoye, international associate with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), traveled to the country to assess recovery efforts and talk with survivors.

Incendio de la subestación eléctrica en San Juan pone a cansados residentes de Puerto Rico en la oscuridad nuevamente

El largo y lento retorno del servicio eléctrico en Puerto Rico tras el huracán María sufrió un revés el pasado domingo, cuando una subestación eléctrica sufrió una explosión e incendio. La mayor parte del norte del territorio estadounidense se vio afectada. Las autoridades dicen que podría tomar un par de días para restablecer la electricidad permanentemente.

One Great Hour of Sharing gifts transform lives far and near

Even before Hurricane Maria made landfall in September 2017, the Rev. Edwin González-Castillo and other Presbyterian leaders in Puerto Rico received promises of help from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA).

Electric substation fire in San Juan throws weary Puerto Rico residents in dark again

The long, slow return to reliable electric service in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria suffered a setback on Sunday when an explosion and fire rocked an electric substation. Most of the northern part of the U.S. territory was affected. Authorities say it could take a couple of days to fully restore power.

Kentucky school shooting deaths shock small town

The shooting deaths of two high school students in the small western Kentucky town of Benton have left residents and surrounding communities in shock. Teachers, parents, faith and government leaders have spent the past few days trying to determine the cause as well as solutions to the violence.