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Just about done

Racing to meet Friday’s deadline, members of the Moving Forward Implementation Commission on Thursday approved individually the eight recommendations it plans to make to the 224th General Assembly, meeting in Baltimore June 20-27.

A website in waiting

As part of its work helping the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to overhaul two of its main websites, the denomination’s consultant, Centralis, has produced short videos of Presbyterians trying to navigate the current sites, and

Ensuring a safe passing of the peace during worship

The world’s attention and concern is on a virus originating in China and spreading to other countries.  Every day our news is filled with dramatic stories of this disaster and the efforts to contain it. Here at home we might pray for those affected and take some comfort in that the virus will not reach us and we are safe.  The reality is a deadly virus is already in our community and potentially in our worship services.  

How ordinary citizens working for the common good can change American politics

On Inauguration Day in January 2017, progressive Republican and evangelical pastor Robb Ryerse listened to Rob Bell’s podcast, “RobCast.” Like many Americans that day, Ryerse felt powerless. Listening to “RobCast” that night, Ryerse found an unexpected calling. The guest was the founder of Brand New Congress, an organization that equips everyday Americans with resources and training to challenge entrenched incumbents from both parties. Ryerse felt hope again. He took the first steps to run for Congress in 2018, hoping that with other “ordinary citizens,” the country could change in a revolutionary way with a government by and for the people.

Show, don’t tell

Rather than tell Thursday’s joint meeting of the Committee on the Office of the General Assembly and the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board about cultural humility, the Revs. Denise Anderson and Shanea Leonard showed those in attendance by inviting local voices to share their experiences.

What does a vital congregation look like?

The Rev. Dr. Ray Jones III turned to history and the cinema to open a conversation about congregational vitality on the first day of the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board’s February meeting on Wednesday.

Helping to realize God’s kingdom — even in a board meeting

The Rev. Lindsay Harren-Lewis described for her colleagues on the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Wednesday the messy and possibly catastrophic consequences that can occur while trying to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Baltimore Convention Center set to host thousands of Presbyterians this summer

For the time being, the Baltimore Convention Center — nearly 422,000 square feet of space and 50 meeting rooms in the heart of a thriving downtown — is mostly vacant. But beginning 128 days from Wednesday, thousands of Presbyterians will do their best to fill up the mammoth meeting facility.