Advocacy & Social Justice

Award-winning PC(USA) documentaries are resources for congregations

Tackling complex societal issues is never an easy task, but thanks to the creative talents in Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), congregations have access to original films that can serve as “conversation starters” for their ministry and community.

Grupo presbiteriano de abogacía emite reto para «levantar nuestro mensaje colectivo»

Las personas de color en los EE.UU. están siendo asesinadas por la policía en números desproporcionados debido al color de su piel, su raza y origen étnico. Condenamos y lamentamos el asesinato continuo y sistemático de personas desarmadas de color, particularmente hombres afroamericanos y pedimos que se realicen investigaciones exhaustivas en los homicidios policiales de Keith Lamont Scott en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, Terence Crutcher en Tulsa, Oklahoma, y Tyre King en Columbus, Ohio.

Dismantling the disgrace of racism

More than 400 individuals from throughout the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) gathered for the DisGrace conference at the Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina to address the issues of embedded and structural racism in the church and culture with the hopes of moving from disgrace toward solidarity.

PC(USA) issues updated guidelines on election activities for religious organizations

The legal counsel of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has issued a set of guidelines for pastors, congregations and mid-councils during the election season. As tax exempt organizations, the guidelines prohibit PC(USA) entities from campaigning for or against a candidate but allows promotion of or lobbying for or against issues.

‘Freedom Rising’ calls PC(USA) to action in black communities

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is taking specific action to confront the societal and racial issues facing black communities in the U.S. by living into a new church initiative to address the plight of African American males in our country.

Moral Revival makes a stop in Louisville

The Moral Revival made its latest stop on a 20-city tour at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville last night. In collaboration with the Kentucky Council of Churches and local ministries, the Rev. Dr. William Barber II brought his message of moral governance based on Christian values to the city, urging clergy to preach on and act for just policies in the city and state.