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Connecting and Equipping: 45 years of helping people through SDOP

By Cynthia E. White Let’s begin this story in 1969. For 10-plus years pressure had been mounting in the nation:  the civil rights movement, the long, hot summers, and the growing rage over Vietnam. Churches across the country were feeling the heat and the pain. The churches had to get involved. And involved the United… Read more »

Mining Boom is a Bust for Local Development in the DRC

By Ibond Rupas A’nzam, POM, JH Democratic Republic of Congo A miner transporting bags of raw cobalt in an artisanal mining site near Lumumbashi, DRC. Photo credit: Valery Nodem The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has important mining resources. Historically, the mining sector has been the driver of the national economy. Adopting a Mining Code… Read more »

Hidden Potentials: Family Farming and the Right to Food in Cameroon

By Michel Danleu and Patrick Momba, with translation by Jaff Napoleon Bamenjo, Coordinator,  RELUFA, JH Cameroon Caption: Woman working a family farm in Njombe, Cameroon. Photo courtesy of RELUFA Nearly 850 million people around the world suffer from malnutrition; Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region hardest hit. In Cameroon, nearly three million people, or 15% of… Read more »

Andean Campesino Communities Search for Sustainability in a Context of Climate Change

By Conrado Olivera, Red Uniendo Manos Perú, Joining Hands Peru CEDEPAS worker Crisanto and community member Feliza explain how they produce organic compost using natural and accessible materials to the region. Photo courtesy of Jed Koball. Without a doubt, climate change is generating growing risks for the security of families from the high Andes of… Read more »

Campaign Work Against Herakles Farms Multiplies its Success

Jaff Napoleon Bamenjo and Ngalim Yongabi Bernard,  RELUFA, JH Cameroon Palm oil plantation in the south west region of Cameroon. Photo courtesy of RELUFA Land grabbing is a contemporary political problem in Cameroon with various interests – agro-industries, infrastructure development, mining, on-shore oil exploration and timber industries – competing for land. But one project has… Read more »