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Introduction of GMOs Raises Concerns in Cameroon

By Michelle Danleu and Jaff Bamenjo, RELUFA, Joining Hands Cameroon Harvested cotton by Cameroonian farmer ready to sell.  Photo Credit: Jaff Bamenjo   There has been a lot of debate in many African countries recently regarding the gradual introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). For a long time, local food production in most African countries… Read more »

From Charleston to Haiti, a Long History of Injustice

By Cindy Corell, Mission Co-worker, Joining Hands Haiti Members of a delegation of Presbyterian churches visiting our Joining Hands network in Haiti gather with farmers who have lost their land to a corporation. Photo credit: Cindy Corell   The cold-blooded murder of nine people praying in a Charleston, South Carolina church in mid-June sent waves… Read more »

Haitian Farmers Struggle to Protect their Land and Livelihoods

By Cindy Corell, Companionship Facilitator, FONDAMA, JH Haiti One thing farmers in rural Haiti understand is that if you take their land, you take their lives. I can tell you that, and you might understand. But when a delegation from the Presbytery of the James visited for a week in February 2015, I needed to… Read more »