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The Call for Agrarian Reform in Haiti Grows

By Cindy Corell, Companionship Facilitator, Haiti Madame St. Etienne holding two oranges outside her home in Trou du Nord. Since losing the property with her family’s garden and fruit trees, she has no way of making money, and yet has to purchase food. Photo courtesy of Cindy Corell.   Madame St. Etienne walked out of… Read more »

Perspectives on Partnership: Ties Bind Joining Hands Amidst Revolutionary Struggle

Perspectives on Partnership: Ties Bind Joining Hands Amidst Egyptian Turmoil Nancy Lister-Settle, Coordinator of Joining Hands in Des Moines Presbytery and Dr. Nabil Sisostres, Coordinator of Together for Family Development Egypt Perspective from Des Moines Group photo of TFD members, including Dr. Nabil Sisostres in the middle, with a few Des Moines JH Representatives, including… Read more »

World Food Day March Demonstrates Unity for Food Sovereignty in El Salvador

Kristi Van Nostran, Companionship Facilitator, RUMES, JH El Salvador – Adapted from an article by Carlos Cotto, Executive Director of Fundación Redes, a key ally of the Joining Hands Network in El Salvador RUMES Doris Evangelista, National Coordinator of RUMES being interviewed as a spokesperson for the National Roundtable on Food Sovereignty. Photos courtesy of… Read more »

Youth Confront Their Realities in Relation to Water and the Environment

Clotilde Loza, Coordinator of UMAVIDA, JH Bolivia 2012 UMAVIDA Water School on the Water Route field trip in El Alto, Bolivia to learn about the distribution of water from the surrounding glaciers. Photo: UMAVIDA In Bolivia, environmental problems are putting the availability of fresh water resources at risk. Despite being faced with the potential of… Read more »

Global Warming and Climate Change in the Centreal Andes of Peru

Global Warming and Climate Change in the Central Andes of Peru Nelson Figueroa, Director del Dia Del Pueblo, Member of Red Uniendo Manos, JH Peru A reality that we are already living In recent years our earth has been heating up.  Temperatures have been rising and as a result the snowcaps of our mountains, which… Read more »

Shining a Light on Corruption

Jed Koball, Companionship Facilitator, Red Uniendos Manos, JH Peru In the heart of the rapidly growing city of Lima, 1500 year old ruins stand their ground in the face of modern development. Photo courtesy of Jed Koball. Over the past ten years, the Peruvian economy (as measured by its GDP) has grown by an average… Read more »