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Presbyterian Health Network information card

The Presbyterian Health Network (PHN) is the membership organization for congregations, parish nurses, health ministry teams, clergy and others who feel called to speak the language of care and build a community of healing and wholeness.

Music, art and worship space

Are there guidelines for what kinds of music are appropriate in Presbyterian worship? Whose responsibility is it to decide … the pastor, the session, the musicians or choir director? Susan Morrissey and James Buxton played at the 219th General Assembly Moderator’s Reception. Photo by Tony Oltmann. There are several sections in the Directory for Worship… Read more »

Signs and symbols

What are the guidelines for the use of liturgical colors? Liturgical colors can orient us to the season of the church year and help to engage the sense of sight in worship. White and gold symbolize days and seasons of joy and mark pivotal events in the life of Christ. Red symbolizes the work of… Read more »

Sacraments: Lord’s Supper

Is it an altar or a table? The Presbyterian/Reformed understanding of the Lord’s Supper is one of thanksgiving and remembrance for the self-offering of Jesus Christ once and for all time on a cross in Jerusalem. Christ’s perfect sacrifice of love and service is not re-enacted or reactualized at the Lord’s Supper; rather, in the… Read more »

Sacraments: baptism

Where should we place the baptismal font? Most importantly, the baptismal font belongs in the sanctuary, or wherever the people of God regularly assemble for worship. The presence of the font in worship should serve as a constant reminder of the new life that is ours in Christ Jesus, through our dying and rising with… Read more »

The Word in worship

What is the lectionary? How do we use it? A lectionary (from the Latin lectio for “selection” or “reading”) is a set of scripture readings chosen for use in worship. Since at least the fourth century, churches have arranged selections of scripture to accompany the church year and/or to allow for continuous readings of books… Read more »

The Christian Year

What are the liturgical seasons? The PC(USA) Directory for Worship says: God has provided a rhythm of seasons which orders life and influences the church’s worship. God’s work of redemption in Jesus Christ offers the Church a central pattern for ordering worship in relationship to significant occasions in the life of Jesus and of the… Read more »

Planning and leadership

Who is responsible for planning worship? The Presbyterian Directory for Worship helps to outline responsibilities for worship planning and policy-making: In a particular church, the session is to provide for worship and shall encourage the people to participate fully and regularly in it. The session shall make provision for the regular (a) preaching of the… Read more »

Why should male ministers preach on domestic violence?

by the Rev. Kevin Fredericks, Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, Black Mountain, N.C., Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN) Leadership Team For years many church leaders have operated from the basic orientation that Domestic Violence is a women’s issue. Within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the issue emerged through the Office of Women’s Ministry. In a rather… Read more »

Domestic violence awareness flier (b/w)

Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN), a network of the Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association (PHEWA), has worship, educational and advocacy aids available at no charge to help congregations break the silence about domestic violence and to help persons begin the process of healing.