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Resources in Reports and study guides

Images and stereotypes of ministry

A study to help inquirers and candidates recognize one’s personal image of a minister; includes discussion of the reality of clergy stereotypes, the effect of their relationships and the impact of stereotypes on one’s ministry.

The call of Jeremiah: A Bible study

Examine a biblical call passage, consider the personal struggles and the empowering of one called by God and relate the passage to one’s own sense of call.

Pre-interview annual consultation report

This report, completed by the Inquirer/Candidate before each Annual Consultation, is an evaluation of the progress in accomplishing previously agreed-upon goals and objectives. This form requests a listing of completed courses and includes specific questions to be addressed in each of the five growth areas. Pages 20-23 of the application

Cultural Baggage Claim Handout

Cultural Baggage Claim Handout ‘God’s Mission Matters’ March 2010 episode toolkit A supplemental worksheet of the study guide designed to help the students evaluate different areas of their lives where they may have cultural baggage.  

Environmental Racism – an ecumenical study guide

Produced by the Eco-Justice Working GroupNational Council of Churches of Christ in the USA Some people are affected by environmental hazards more than others. In the United States and around the world, more people of color live and work in unhealthy, polluted environments than do white people. People living in middle and upper class neighborhoods… Read more »

Report of the Task Force on Reparations

Responding to a recommendation from the Racial Equity Advocacy Committee, the 213th General Assembly (2001) created a Task Force to Study Issues of Reparations for African Americans, Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, Asian Americans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Others Who Have Experienced Unjust Treatment. The task force met over the next three years, seeking input from… Read more »