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Resources in Reports and study guides

The Revelation to John: Strength for the Struggle

Male Issue:  What does it mean for men of faith to have strength and courage?Questions:  What does it mean to be strong in faith?  How can strength be used positively?  How does a confusing book, like Revelation, speak to men?

1st Thessalonians: a Seven-Session Bible Study for Men

Male Issue:  What does it mean to be a ‘Man of the Church’? Questions:  What codes do men buy into when they join a church?  What puts us off about the Church?  What is the ministry in which we share?

Ist Peter: a Home Away from Home

Male Issue:  What does it mean to men ‘to have a place to “belong”?’ Questions:  Where do Christian men belong?  What is the cost of discipleship?  How is Church a home for men?

Hebrews: An Open Door to God

Male Issue:  How do men avoid backsliding in their faith? Questions:  What does it mean to have direct access to God?  What is Christian Maturity?  What is a man’s path to faithfulness?

Ephesians: A Practical Application of the Christlike Life

Male Issue:  What is special about Christianity for men? Questions:  How does faith help men be better marriage partners and parents?  How doe faith help men deal with authority?  How does faith help men face evil?

Acts: The Acts of the Apostles

Male Issue:  What is male ‘spirituality’? Questions:  What does spirituality have to do with men?  What “acts” are asked of men of faith?  What does the Holy Spirit have to do with men’s lives?

The Gospel According to John: Encounters With Jesus

Male Issue:  How do men encounter Jesus and how does Jesus encounter his men? Questions:  Who is Jesus to men?  How do men meet and perceive the Christ?  What is the meaning of discipleship?