Resources in Worship Resources

Ceremony of Restoration

Prepared by chaplains Bonita Barnes and James Ryan, this worship liturgy provides a thorough how-to guide for any congregations wishing to offer healing and restoration to their returning veterans—and to themselves. 

Ritual of Washing Feet and Reconciliation

Prepared by Rev. Raymond Hayes and retired military chaplain Brenson Bishop, this foot-washing service is a rite of passage from the past into the present for returning veterans. This is a great resource and template for any congregations wishing to offer healing and restoration to their returning veterans—and to themselves.

Words Matter – Lenten Devotions

This Lent, the Words Matter project invites you to the spiritual discipline of paying attention to your words. Far from a desire to be politically correct, Words Matter focuses on deep thinking about what is really at stake in the words we use, acknowledging that words can be used to tear down — but hopeful… Read more »

Words Matter

Use the Words Matter conversation guide for promoting dialogue rooted in diverse contexts that continually explores language as a life-giving tool. See also: Words Matter – Lenten Devotions

World AIDS Day Packet 2011

Use this resource packet with your congregation to observe Worlds AIDS Day on December 1, 2011: Cover letter   Getting to Zero in the Midst of Advent   Sample sermon   Planning Services of Worship that Lift Up World AIDS Day “Hazmat Suits and a Funeral” Top Ten Reasons to “Know Your Status” “Save the… Read more »

Celebrating the Miracle

Worship resources for addiction awareness services Use these worship resources for an addiction awareness service with your congregation.

Sermon by Esther Wakeman, July 31, 2011

A sermon by Esther Wakeman, which includes an Epistle reading, Gospel reading and a hymn. Recorded at Christ Presbyterian Church in Canton, Ohio. on July 31, 2011. Media provided by Christ Presbyterian Church.

Praise the Spirit – hymn

Use this hymn written by a seminary student in your celebration of Theological Education Emphasis Sunday.