Resources in Presbyterian Giving Catalog

Moving Hearts to Share Color Sheet

A cow on a farm can provide milk, cheese, yogurt, and other food to help families live healthy and strong lives.

Presbyterian Giving Catalog Resources Order Form

Presbyterian Giving Catalog Resources Order Form cover Unite with thousands of churches using the Presbyterian Giving Catalog to support the ministries closest to their hearts: feeding the hungry, comforting the brokenhearted, and sharing our faith with young and old. Download this order form to request catalogs and resources.

Impact Guide: Your Church Your Mission

Churches are using the Giving Catalog in fun, creative ways. They are joining together to amplify their impact through group giving activities. As you brainstorm gift-related activities to unite your congregation and support Presbyterian mission around the world, draw inspiration from this new resource. Your Church Your Mission Impact Guide shares stories of impact, provides… Read more »

Giving Catalog Promotional Image

Download and use this image to encourage your members to pick up a Presbyterian Giving Catalog, especially around gift giving holidays. These small gifts create big impact for people all over the world.

Jerry Can Children’s Curriculum – 1 Session

The Jerry Can curriculum highlights the one common denominator in all disasters around the world: the need for clean water to survive. The Jerry Can cartoon was created to be a fun, energetic character for children to connect with. This curriculum includes lessons on disaster response and activities that show how children can be involved… Read more »

Giving Catalog Promotion (Calf-Pint)

This promotional graphic can be used in church newsletters, bulletins, or on your church website. There are three versions/aspect ratios available: 7×4, 3.5×5, and 4×4.

2017 OGHS Younger Children’s Lesson Plan

Lesson Objectives At the end of the lesson, the learner will be able to: tell that it was the prophet Isaiah who shared God’s message identify a way they can share with others identify a way they can be kind with others For use with activities appropriate for students in grades K-4. Written by Rev…. Read more »