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Resources in Peacemaking

2016 Peace & Global Witness Minute for Mission – Table of Peace

Psalm 78 offers a song about God’s “glorious deeds” and “the wonders” God has done. It stresses that God is continually and forever faithful to the people God has chosen. This is true, the psalmist writes, even though God’s people forget. Miracle after miracle is recounted, God’s presence and care throughout history are described, and… Read more »

2016 Peace & Global Witness Minute for Mission – Table of Grace

What exactly is World Communion Sunday? Is it just a day where denominations intentionally receive communion? Or is there more to it? As we commemorate World Communion Sunday, we will receive the Peace & Global Witness Offering. As we acknowledge the violence and division in our world, in our country, and in our community, we… Read more »

Season of Peace Logo

Graphic logo for the Season of Peace for use on websites, newsletters, or bulletins.

“Lessons from the Table” Children’s Lesson Plan

Lessons from the Table is a study for children centered around the communion table. Each session talks about a different aspect of the communion table. The topics are: Table of Transformation or Change, Table of Welcome, Table of Grace, Table of Peace, and Table of Love. The five-session study is designed to be used for a broadly graded children’s group during church school, weeknight programs, or a special Season of Peace study.

Season of Peace Cards – Third Edition

This third edition set of peace cards was created in 2016 for the Season of Peace and can be used by children and in households anytime during the year. Each card contains a reflection, prayer and action item.

2016 Peace & Global Witness Bulletin Insert – Peace is Possible

In all cultures of violence, God spreads a table of peace before us. Your support of the Peace & Global Witness Offering helps bring more people to that table. On this World Communion Sunday, we are reminded that God’s love can heal even our deepest divisions. Use this bulletin insert in your congregations to show… Read more »