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Resources in Peace & Global Witness Offering

2018 Peace & Global Witness Offering Poster

Peace at all times, in all ways. –2 Thessalonians 3:16 Through the Peace & Global Witness Offering, we work together to share Christ’s peace with one another. We seek peace in a chaotic world, finding strength in knowing that God is always near.

Peace & Global Witness Leader’s Guide

The Peace & Global Witness Offering draws Presbyterians together, and provides education and exposure to those who show us how to do peacemaking well. It allows us to create resources for dealing with conflict and provide nurturing reconciliation, and stand in support of our global sisters and brothers, because the peace of Christ belongs to… Read more »

Minute for Mission: Beyond Our Doors

The Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice beyond our doors, beyond our community, and beyond our borders.

Bulletin Insert – Let Us Pray

The scourge of human trafficking, especially that of child soldiers, is an evil that needs to be fought. Your gifts will help more people experience the freedom and dignity that Christ wants for everyone.

Bulletin Insert – Peace at All Times

Presbyterians help transform lives through our work for peace, with the tools God has given us. Together, in the Spirit of God, we work to break the power of hate, and heal the wounds of violence and division. We join in the Peace & Global Witness Offering because it is boundless peace God offers.